I’m a mom who designs and develops smart apps for kids.

Treebetty was founded in 2003 as a graphic design studio by designer Jenny Talavera. Her first app was created in 2011 to appease a toddler with an obsession for zoo animals (especially ones that roar) and peek-a-boo games. Well, that toddler has since moved on to skateboarding, Minecraft, and chess, but she’s still making apps. In addition to treebetty’s collection of kids apps, she also has a collection for grownups. You can learn more about them at treebetty.com .

What treebetty believes in:

I think kids’ apps can be a wonderful tool for learning, play and discovery. I also think there are a lot of kids’ apps out there that contain many things that aren’t so wonderful. Therefore, I’ve created these guidelines for myself and for you, so you can know what to expect from all of treebetty’s apps.

1. A safe, frustration free environment for you and your kids.

That’s why my apps do not contain banner ads or in app purchases accessible to kids. I don’t have links to social media. I’ve put app settings and other tidbits behind a protected ’parent gate’ so your child can focus on what’s interesting.

2. An experience for both you and your child.

No annoying sounds or music. No ugly graphics. I strive for both simplicity and beauty in everything I create. For your child. And for you.

3. Smiles all around.

My goal is to create apps that spark the imagination and empower kids with a sense of discovery. In short, I want to make your kids smile, which, I hope, will in turn make you smile.

About Jenny T.


Jenny began creating apps in 2009, just after the birth of her son. It was unfortunate timing because she no longer had any free time, but it was also a blessing, as she was inspired daily by the things he would do. Her first app was titled ‘Peek-a-Zoo’ and it took her well over a year of early mornings and late nights to complete. ‘Peek-a-Zoo’ went on to be part of a 4 app series that would eventually be featured multiple times by Apple as ’New & Noteworthy’ and ’Best App for Kids 5 & Under.’

Prior to creating apps, her creative journey began over 20 years ago in metro Boston as a then-software person. Fiercely middle-brained, Jenny’s liberation came in finding a way to merge her equally left and right brain tendencies through graphic design, web development and now mobile app development. Jenny received a B.S. in Computer Science from Cornell University’s College of Engineering and a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

When Jenny is not working on mobile apps or communicating with users, she’s either surfing, sitting at the skatepark, or reading a good book.