Slideshow: 15 FREE Black & White Pictures for Infants​

Great for Tummy Time, Diaper Changes and ’Alert’ Playtime

Stimulate your baby with this slideshow of black and white pictures for infants:

  1. Place your computer, the black and white images about 12 inches away from your infant’s face. 
  2. Let you baby look at the same image until it looks away or loses interest. You may find you baby starting at the same image for up to minutes at at time.
  3. When they lose interest in one, move to the next image.

Some things to try:

  • You may initially notice your baby starting at a black and white card for minutes at a time. It they begin to spend less and less time looking at this card, try switching to a new card. They may be craving more variety and complexity as their eyes and brain connection increases.
  • Try playing the Infant Zoo soundtrack available at the top right of the screen and see if they react.
  • Show black and white picture for babies during tummy time or during alert ‘play’ times for the first 14 weeks.

Benefits of black and white pictures for babies:

  • Showing black and white pictures for babies activates early brain development and are powerful learning tools.
  • Black and white pictures stimulate sensory activity. As your baby reacts to the imagery, they develop movement and dexterity as they try to interact with the images.
  • Black and white pictures help babies develop visual perception. Your baby’s vision and recognition skill increase as they view images of animals, faces, shape and common objects as well as simple repeating patterns.
“Babies who are stimulated by their environments reach developmental milestones faster; have better coordination and a more secure self image”
Ludington-Hoe & Golant, 1987
Creator of the internationally acclaimed Infant Stimulation Program
iPad app with black and white pictures for infants